Daikokuten Bussan Company, President and CEO, Shoji Oga

Daikokuten Bussan Company, President and CEO, Shoji Oga

The reason why Daikokuten Bussan pursues “low price”

We believe that delivering with low price across Japan
will contribute to deliver affluence throughout the country.

“Food”: “Pursuit of affluence”

“Significance of existence” is an essential element to the growth of a company. Company plays a role unique to them to contribute to the society and people. The role becomes a permanent one which is required for the company. It is not possible to expand businesses without this backbone. When establishing Daikokuten Bussan, I positioned this concept of “pursuit of affluence” as the foundation of our businesses.
Various costs are necessary for living. Especially, the cost of eating is one of the major household expenses, occupying the majority of them. Targeting this household cost, we provide safer foods at even just a little lower price. If people can save the cost of eating, they can spend that amount in hobbies, studies, and other things. As a result, their life will be more vivid with various joys in living and the society will be more affluent. This is what we aim for in the “pursuit of affluence”.
To seek for low price, it is necessary to change the distribution industry mechanism. In the course of our pursuit of significance of existence, we needed to actively change ourselves.
Innovation to create a brand new system by discarding the existing mechanisms and systems. This is an effort with a great pain. Challenge to new things without fear by breaking the conventional common sense. Look something big as something small and look something small as something big. Think that “opposite idea can be applied to” everything. We are a group of people who “fight with ideas”. We need to be the organization which can always rework the strategy.

Change Yourself, Change the Company, Change Society

This company philosophy was born with the background described above. With many colleagues sharing this philosophy, Daikokuten Bussan is now giving a significant change in the society as well. We are now establishing explicit “significance of existence” to the society. Details of our efforts and the business growth are explained in this brochure.
As bigger the business becomes, the more difficult the change will be. Sometime we may become conservative, and sometime we may be entangled in a labyrinth. However, if we make a big jump and look from above the flat structured labyrinth, we can find the answer easily. As long as we stick to the dimension where we are, we cannot see many things. I hope young employees who will support our company in the future to always have this “power to make a big jump”.

Action Guidance

  • ・Today, I will take good care of the customers.
  • ・ Today, I place value on harmony with my colleagues.
  • ・ Today, I will work responsibly.
  • ・ Today, I will be useful.
  • ・ Today, I will do my best.

Management Policies 2023

  • ・Thorough implementation of all instructions and decisions
  • ・Talent acquisition and new organizational development for multi-store expansion initiatives
  • ・Small daily efforts towards health yield significant results
  • ・Developing top-tier, Japan's best and first Blue Ocean Strategy (BO) products
  • ・Embracing heartfelt salesmanship, beyond merely selling products in retail business