Company Name Daikokuten Bussan Company
Headquarters Address 297-1 Nishinakashinden, Kurashiki-city, Okayama-prefecture, 710-0833, Japan
TEL: +81-86-435-1100 (Main Number)
FAX: +81-86-435-1317
(Moved on March 27, 2023)
Representative President and CEO, Shoji Oga
Establishment Jun. 1, 1986
Business Description ・Operation of discount stores (LAMU, DIO, etc.)
・General food wholesale business
Capital 1,661 million yen (As of May 31, 2023)
Amount of Sales 242,243 million yen [Consolidated] (As of May 31, 2023)
Number of Stores 206 stores (As of May 31, 2023, entire group)
Human Resources Employees: 2,049
Part-time workers: 7,214 (average number per month by converting 8 hours to 1 day)
  (As of May 31, 2023)
Fiscal Term May
Subsidiary Companies Nishigen Company
Number of Stores: 14 stores, including the Ryutsu Danchi Store
Locations: Nagano Prefecture (Matsumoto City/Suwa City/Shiojiri City/Azumino City/Ueda City/
    Suzaka City/Nagano City)
    Niigata Prefecture (Nagaoka City/Tsubame City/Niigata City/Joetsu City)
  The Value 100 Company
Store: The Value 100 Ibaraki Oda Store
Location: Osaka Prefecture (Ibaraki City)
  Daikokuten Farm Kasaoka Company
Sayo Farm
Location: Hyogo Prefecture (Sayo Town, Sayo County)
  Olive Fisheries Company
Fish Farm
Locations: Kagawa Prefecture (Sakaide City)
    Kochi Prefecture (Otsuki Town, Hata Country)
  Setouchi Maple Farm Company
Yakage Farm
Location: Okayama Prefecture (Yakage Town, Oda Country)
  Oda Shoten Company
Number of Stores: 6 stores, including the Kasuga Store
Locations: Hiroshima Prefecture (Hiroshima City/Fukuyama City)
    Shimane Prefecture (Izumo City)
  Mammy's Co., Ltd.
Number of Stores: 22 stores, including the Yanagawa Store
Locations: Fukuoka Prefecture (Fukuoka City/Yanagawa City/Kurume City/Chikugo City/Omuta City/
    Dazaifu City/Miyama City/Yame City/Tachiarai Town, Mii County, Hirokawa Town, Yame County)
    Kumamoto Prefecture (Arao City/Tamana City)
    Nagasaki Prefecture (Saikai City)
Main Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Syndicated Loan
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
The Iyo Bank, Ltd.
  Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange【2791】(June 26, 2012)